Multiverse Theory

It is hypothesised that there are multiple alternate realities running alongside our current reality; that there exists a separate version of yourself for every decision you (or anyone else) has ever made. Many physicists have disregarded the theory of a ‘multiverse’, saying that is isn’t a legitimate topic of scientific inquiry, and rather belongs in the realms of philosophy.

The more you think about it, the more ridiculous it seems. Is there a version of you that became a billionaire? Is there a version of you who never grew out of your Emo phase, and still wears black drainpipe jeans and listens to My Chemical Romance because it’s “not just a phase”? Is there a version of you who actually had the guts to ask out your high school crush? These idea that these ‘alternate selves’ may exist in a physical form somewhere sounds like pure fantasy, but the fact is we simply don’t know. We can’t prove that it doesn’t exist, we can’t prove that it does. Maybe we should try to understand our own universe before trying to understand other ones. Either way, I’m sure this will idea will fuel lazy science-fiction writers for years to come.

About our hospitality charity:

Since 1886, The Drinks Trust (formerly The Benevolent) has provided care and support to the people who form the drinks industry workforce, both past and present. The Drinks Trust is run by drinks industry professionals, funded by drinks industry partners and supported by thousands of drinks industry fundraisers, volunteers and contributors.

The Trust provides individuals with services across vocational, well-being, financial and practical support. These services are intended to assist with and improve the circumstances of those who receive them.

This cocktail donates £5 from each sale to The Drinks Trust, to support those in the hospitality who need support with their mental health, financial aid, or any other issues they might face in these challenging times.