The Internet

The internet represents both the best and worst of humanity. On one hand, you have free access to the largest collection of information in human history, you can access your bank account or buy a plane ticket from almost anywhere in the world, and you can find more hours of cat videos than are physically possible to view in one person’s lifetime. On the other, there’s Donald Trump Tweets, the ‘toxic mirror’ of social media, and spam emails telling you that you’ve won the Nigerian Lottery (trust me, you haven’t).

Like it or not, the internet is arguably the most significant invention in human history. It has, and will continue to, completely change the way we function as a society. I mean, look at you. You’re using it right now to read this instead of talking to your friends. Is this the direction society is headed? In 20 years time, will all cocktail bars be virtual experiences, with socialising conducted via Zoom calls whilst you wait for your Deliveroo to arrive from Italy? Let’s hope not. Your pizza would be cold.