Lab Experience

£49.95Approx. 2 hrs
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Seven Course Taster Experience

£39.95Approx. 2 hrs
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Five Course Taster Experience

£24.95Approx. 2 hrs
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Three Course Taster Experience
Look for the logo lighting up the corner of Mill Lane... as something weird and wonderful is being created. Follow the mysterious sounds and delicious scents to find Lab 22, one of the city's most prestigious and unusual cocktail bars. Ring the doorbell and be escorted inside where your exclusive experience awaits

You'll sample seven unique courses combining incredible bespoke cocktails and carefully crafted accompaniments to ensure a truly memorable experience.

The experience lasts approximately two hours and is available from Sunday to Thursday. Prior booking is essential and a deposit will be required to confirm your booking.

Our award winning bar's famous menu features the likes of a Carboxygin, Herbal Remedy No.22 and Mrs Einstein to name but a few.

Get in touch to book a place on our seven course taster experience!