Bartender Specials for June - El Dorado


El Dorado, that old Western film featuring John Wayne?


The term originally comes from an old Columbian rite of passage, whereby the new tribal chief would cover himself in gold dust and dive headlong into Lake Guatavita.

El Dorado became a Western and Hispanic myth, of a lost city, built of Gold, and there are countless mining towns throughout the America’s that have become named as a tribute, or even a boast.

So, what does this have to do with a Guyanese rum?

Well, explorers spent centuries trying to find this secret city of Gold, including even Sir Walter Raleigh. In their search, they mapped a huge amount of the Amazon river, covering northern Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Guyana. One explorer; banished by his crew, swore until his very death that he found El Dorado, named “Manoa” in the Guyanese countryside. Of course, no such city of gold exists, but in Manoa they did find the finest sugarcane, growing only the finest Demerara, all along the banks of the Amazon.

Rum has been produced from this sugar for nearly half a millennium, and the locals hold their local El Dorado Rum in huge esteem, something which is matched by the rest of the world. Demerera rum may be a new idea to you, but familiarity may come to you when you realise Lamb’s, Woods’ and OVD all produce their rum from Guyanese Sugarcane, and the rich, dark, toffee-like rum they produce has been adored in Britain for longer than you’d realise.

El Dorado is however, on an entirely different level. Their portfolio are more artisan, more crafted, with finer attention to detail and blending producing world-beating results. Of course now comes my own bias. El Dorado 15 Year Old is the finest rum in the world.


A big statement, thankfully backed by countless international awards ( and not just a Bartender in Cardiff with a habit of drinking pretentiously! With the youngest rum in the blend aged for 15 years in American oak, the result is as rich and smooth as a fine Scotch Malt. Cola won’t be necessary.

The nose reeks of rich butterscotch, creamy fudge, and burnt caramel, with a little touch of boiled apricots, like your Nan used to make for pudding. On tasting, you get strong notes of thick manuka honey, crystallised ginger, and overripe banana drizzled in treacle. Every sip overlaps, as the taste lingers in your mouth for an age.This is rich, complex indulgence, and for the next month we’re celebrating this, and the rest of this wonderful range at Lab.

Our Bartender specials featuring the range will be available for a mere £7, and we have all of the range on our back bar ready for you to try. Ask your bartender for their favourite, or try El Dorado 3 year old in your mojito, or the wonderful 5 in a world-beating Daiquiri. Enjoy the versatile 8 year old in a rum old fashioned, stirred with orange peel and bitters and pick out those rich cigar notes among the smackings of vanilla and pear.

The 12, 15 and 21 are all wonderful neat, or over ice, and serve as the best way to wrap up a great evening in our comfortable lounge. This is essential for all rum lovers- but really a hidden goldmine for anyone.

Our El Dorado Rum – Masterclass & Competition is on Tuesday 9th June at 4pm. Get in touch to reserve your place here.

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